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casaCare UrineAttack 500 ml Spray Bottle

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casaCare UrineAttack 100 ml Spray Bottle
casaCare UrineAttack 100 ml Spray Bottle
Product Name: casaCare UrineAttack 100 ml Spray Bottle
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Advantages: - Optimal for cat litter trays, marking places of dogs, defecation areas, urine stained textiles, furniture, etc.; - Abolishes even urine and faecal odours of dogs and cats on carpets, tiles, wood, car, etc.; - Fittings, chrome, etc. are not affected; - Suitable for INSIDE and OUTSIDE; - For prevention or treatment; - Safe, even if animals lick the treated areas; - Extremely economical. casaCare UrineAttack can be used versatilely: Sanitary facilities, restaurants, airports, schools, sports and leisure facilities, dog housings, exhibition halls, livestock market places, car, apartment, nightclubs, dog obedience schools, pet boarding facilities, after major events, etc. 2-step mode of action: Stage 1: immediate action through highly effective odour absorber Stage 2: long-term action by micro-organisms that break down the offending urine and faecal odour Properties: - Penetrates into joints and degrades urine thoroughly and reliably without damaging the joints - Extremely economical. - Leaves no stains! - Can be used in all public and private sanitary facilities as kindergardens, schools, sport and leisure centres, etc. Directions for use: Just spray and let it soak in, may also be used in the cleaning water.


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