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Do you want to advertise on our webpage?

We offer on our site free advertising (planned litters, puppies, stud dogs) for our customers who are the owners of FCI kennel.

Ads are arranged chronologically by date of submission. With adding ad you will get a link back to your site.

Ad will be displayed for max. 3 months from the filing date, after the expiry of the advertisement can apply for an extension of publication.

Advertising texts are published as they were sent and do not undergo language revision. FIREDOG Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the text, the accuracy and content of ads or the content of advertiser site and reserves the right not to publish or delete ads for any reason.

Conditions of advertising

  • only registered customers at can advertise on our webpages
  • advertisers must be the owner of the kennel or stud dog, what must be present a confirmation
  • advertiser purchases on e-shop for at least one time in the last 6 months
  • advertiser sends text ad using the form located below and pictures in digital form via e-mail

Planned or born litter must include:

  • breed
  • kennel name
  • the names of both parents
  • the expected or actual date of birth
  • alternatively the expected date of collection
  • alternative number of newborn puppies
  • health, work and show results of the parents
  • contact details of the seller (website, e-mail, phone)

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